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  1. Marie, Just finished your book Live Out Loud !! I thought it ROCKED the UNIVERSE ,AWESOME!!! 🙂 Stumbled upon your book on Amazon so HAPPY I found you ! Will be reading all your books to come. You did a FANTASTIC job on that book,you could just feel ALL the love come through the pages,AWWWW !! 🙂 I was married for 37 yrs. and got NO love, now at 63 I am all alone in this world so I read ALL night long wishing for the love I feel through romance novels. Thank God for my Kindle! You are a very gifted writer keep going strong and don’t look back! I just signed up for your newsletter so I never miss a book!! Thank you for a BEAUTIFUL Love story!! All my love to you and your family, Diane Damico

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    • Diane,
      Thank you so much for reading and for giving Live Out Loud such a wonderful compliment! I’m honored that you chose to spend your time with my characters and that you enjoyed them! Your comment made my month! Writing is such a solitary endeavor, so when one of my stories makes an impact in someone’s life, I’m deeply humbled. Thank you for reminding me why I write: for readers like you, to share the love! I’m so glad you loved Harper and Thor’s story, and thank you for signing up for my newsletter, that means a lot!
      Love and hugs,


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