10 Alternative Titles for ACROSS THE DISTANCE

I’ve been tagged by the fun and talented Ava Jae, author of the forthcoming YA SF Beyond the Redto share some crazy and cringe-worthy alternative titles for my new NA Contemporary Romance, Across the Distance, coming to an e-reader near you May 2015!

If you would like to see Ava’s fun alternative titles, check out her post here: Beyond the Red

The Rules of the Game: “Scroll through your manuscript and stop on a random place. Whatever you land on becomes one of the ten terrible titles.”

Here are the silly, random, and completely ridiculous alt titles to Across the Distance

1. Instant Comfort

2. Wait!

3. You’re Acting Very Strange

4. Pineapple? Seriously?

5. Over and Over and Over Again

6. Griffin’s Strong Arms

7. Steak Night at the Daniels

8. I’m Some Famous Rocker

9. If I Ignored Him, He’d Stop

10. After Last Night, I Refused to Open That Box

Hahahaha!! Those titles are hilarious!

To keep the fun going, I’m tagging two lovely and VERY talented ladies, Annie Rains and Kelley Harvey! I had the pleasure of meeting these ladies through our shared Pitch Wars 2013 experience. They are fabulous writers and when their books come out you MUST add them to your TBR list!


Annie Rains, author of Forever Yours 

Kelley Harvey, author of BREATHE, Episode 1 of The Devastation Series, releasing on January 2, 2015

Have fun, ladies! Can’t wait to see your “new” titles!!!








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