BREATHE by Kelley Harvey

I’m super excited to announce that my good friend and talented author, Kelley Harvey, is celebrating a BOOK BIRTHDAY today! Kelley’s debut novel, BREATHE, is out!!!


It’s finally release day! I’m super excited share all these great links so you can grab your copy of BREATHE while it’s at the low introductory price of only $.99. Don’t keep this awesome news to yourself! If you know someone who likes a good romance, please share.

Here’s where you can find BREATHE:


Barnes & Noble


iTunes… Well, dang it. I’m so sorry. To my great disappointment BREATHE isn’t available on iTunes, just yet. It will be in the next few days, I hope. However, you can find all formats at Smashwords, if you just can’t wait (and I wouldn’t blame you). I’ll post the link to it on iTunes as soon as I have it.

Now, you can’t buy it at Goodreads, but you CAN add it to your lists, review it, share it with others, and all kinds of other fun stuff. Go HERE to find BREATHE on Goodreads.

After you read BREATHE, please consider leaving a review at your favorite eBook retailer. Or, leave it at ALL the major retailers. Reviews are gold to authors, so I will forever be thankful. Also, if you enjoy it, I would greatly appreciate you sharing with your friends and followers. This baby can’t get off the ground without readers. (HA! Did you see what I did right there? *wink*)

If you’re interested in checking out my author pages (you are welcome to follow, like, or whatever they let you do at each site *cheesy grin*) here are the links:

Like Kelley on Facebook:

FRIEND Kelley on Facebook:

Follow Kelley on Twitter: @KHarveyWrites

Find Kelley’s  Amazon Author Page

Find Kelley’s Author page on Smashwords

Find Kelley’s Author page on Goodreads


Sign up for Kelley’s  email list to get all the news about The Devastation Series and all the releases coming soon.
  • Sign up for the Read 2 Review Program (free book in exchange for HONEST review on release day). I have a limited number of slots now available for Episode 2.
  • Next up: BREAK Episode 2 of The Devastation Series February 2015

DON’T FORGET TO GET IN ON THE $25 AMAZON.COM Gift Card Rafflecopter Giveaway! 

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(If you’ve ALREADY done some of these things, it’s fine, just mark that you did them and you can still enter)


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