Short Fiction

A Devil’s Playground (NA Historical Paranormal)- St. Louis Writers’ Guild Short Story Contest 2011 1st Honorable Mention

Prohibition era Chicago is plagued by a rash of bizarre deaths when dozens of young women are found naked and discarded outside of numerous speakeasies. When the deaths are linked to the dark supernatural powers of the demon Lilith, Atoning Angel, Liam McCaffery is sent to put an end to Lilith’s murderous scheme.


Dead Frequency (YA Paranormal)- St. Louis Writers’ Guild Short Story Contest 2012 3rd Honorable Mention

High school senior, Declan Priest, has earned the coveted title of “Stunt King”. But, in order to keep his title, he has to up his game. When his friends challenge him to test out the Dead Frequency Urban Legend, Declan can’t say no, believing the dare to be a piece of cake. Arrogantly, Declan completes the task and finds himself whisked away to a wasteland inhabited by soul-sucking creatures. Before the soul leeches kill him, Declan must find his way out of the Dead Frequency.



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